Eyebombing 153

“As public art interventions go, googly-eye additions to urban objects and surfaces are pretty simple to implement, effectively animating their surroundings without too much work (or risk of being caught).” […]

Eyebombing 152

“Cracked bollards become crooked Pac Man-esque creatures and gaping water pipes seem to scream while doors and garbage cans gain strange sentience. The emotive range of these inanimate objects is […]

Eyebombing 150

“It is “different from traditional types of street art like tagging, sticking, stencils” according to Eyebombing.com because “the above forms are largely driven by egocentric behaviour, like getting seen, respect […]

Eyebombing 149

“Aunque parezca mentira, hay una opción mejor que cambiar el mobiliario urbano roto… y además es más barata: pegarle un par de ojos saltones a ventanas, marquesinas, bolardos o contenedores […]

Eyebombing 146

“A much better fad than some that have been making the rounds recently, like bottle flipping, dabbing, Kardashian lips, et al. If you ask me. But Bulgarian street artist Vanyu […]

Eyebombing 140

“Eyebombing’ is the latest craze that is taking the world, as well as social media by storm and giving mundane everyday objects a new life. What it (eyebombing) is exactly, […]

Eyebombing 135

“Ia memperi mata palsu pada benda-benda tak terduga yang ada di jalanan Bulgaria. Dan hasilnya ternyata sangat mengagumkan. Benda-benda tersebut jadi terlihat hidup dan tidak menyeramkan sama sekali.” Beepdo

Eyebombing 134

“Alles wordt leuker als je er wiebeloogjes op plakt. Dat ontdekte Vanyu Krastev twee jaar geleden. Sindsdien heeft de Bulgaar al meer dan honderd voorwerpen tot leven gebracht. Veel voorwerpen […]